Monthly Archives: July 2007

Sprint Drops Abusive Customers You may have seen this story in the mainstream press in the past week. As Paul Harvey would say Jon Stokes of Ars Technica has the rest of the story.

Continuing with T-Mobile HotSpot @Home Service I have found a problem with the phone book on the handset. As I have written about before, I had some difficulties in synchronizing the contacts from the web site to the handset. I have discovered that none… Continue reading

Day Three With T-Mobile HotSpot @Home I tried the Sanford municipal wifi this morning. The phone attempted to connect, but there was no luck in making a connection. I am did not have my notebook computer with me, but I would guess that a terms… Continue reading

Day Two With T-Mobile HotSpot @Home This was the first day using the service outside of the home. Really worked well. The wi-fi in the office worked as expected. We work in a concrete and steel building with just one wireless access point so coverage… Continue reading

Day One With T-Mobile HotSpot @Home We opened the boxes this afternoon and got started with setting up the router. I setup the wireless router using the web interface using WAP encryption for the wireless signal. The only difference in the web interface was the… Continue reading

Vonage May Fall As Well As I referred to in an earlier post, we are leaving Verizon to try the new T-Mobile HotSpot @Home offering. We were planning on keep one Vonage line for the kids, but they want in on the T-Mobile plan as… Continue reading

Google Enters the Phone Business Google has acquired GrandCentral Communications. They made the announcement this week on the official Google blog. GrandCentral Communications provides tools so that you have one telephone number. The service then will locate you by trying your home phone, cell phone,… Continue reading

Signed up for T-Mobile HotSpot @Home Service We are going to give it a try. The premise of this service is that our new wireless phones will operate on the normal T-Mobile network away from home. When we are at home they will connect with… Continue reading

Summertime and the Lightening is Dangerous I hope that you are enjoying a good summer, but we need to remember that we are in the thick of lightening season. You should take all recommended precautions to protect yourself from lightening, but you should also take… Continue reading