Monthly Archives: September 2007

Second Chance for eEye Blink

Not long after an initial test of eEye Security’s Blink personal computer security software, I received an email from Morey Haber, VP for Product Management at eEye… Thank you very much for taking the time to review Blink. I am the VP for Product Management… Continue reading

Google Adds Presentation Software

I posted earlier this year speculating that Google would add presentation software to their portfolio of tools. It has arrived. You can now create documents, spreadsheets, or presentations in the now named Google Docs. The presentation software is also available for Google Apps customers as… Continue reading

Follow up to Zonbu

Here is a good blog from someone who has ordered and plans on using the Zonbu computer day-to-day.

Zonbu Computer Is Available

The Zonbu computer that I first reported about in May is finally available. I had hoped that the price would be lower so that it would be more accessible to everyone. They do offer a variety of monthly service plans that range from free to… Continue reading

Blink by eEye Security Blink is a complete computer security product by eEye Security. eEye Security is a corporate security company that is well-known for researching and reporting vulnerabilities in Microsoft products. For some time they have build security appliances and software geared towards corporate… Continue reading

Google to Bid on 700 MHz Frequency Spectrum First a bit of history. Over-the-air broadcast television uses three different blocks of frequencies. Fortunately, someone was very bright many years ago to just use channel numbers. Otherwise you would say that The Office is on 55.25… Continue reading

Asus To Release a Line of Gap Bridging Computers I use a notebook computer along with a couple of different desktop computers. My notebook is really nothing more than a conduit to the web. I really have nothing stored on the hard drive. It is… Continue reading