Monthly Archives: January 2008

Home Server Site by Microsoft

Someone at Microsoft or their advertising agency has a good sense of humor.Stay At Home Server Coincidently, I am swapping out my dead Windows 2003 home server. I am going to try a recycled Gateway computer with some add-ons and Ubuntu Linux. My Father has… Continue reading

Notebook Maintenance

It is not a surprise or a secret that notebook computers are becoming ever more present in today’s small business and home environments. The advent of wireless networking and the increased speed and capability of notebook computers have revolutionised this space. It many instances notebook… Continue reading

Another Free Option for Virus Protection

There is very little reason to pay for virus protection for your home computer. Some of the options include AVG Free and Blink and possibly a free suite from your Internet Service Provider. My ISP, RoadRunner, is now offering a free Internet security suite from… Continue reading

2008 – Year of the Home Server?

I have seen the handwriting on the wall for the past year that this could be the year of the home server. At least many companies hope that it will be the year of the home server. Companies such as Microsoft have developed software and… Continue reading

Microsoft Office 2003, Service Pack 3

Beware of service pack 3 for Microsoft Office 2003. Microsoft programmers have decided that documents created in competitor’s software and older versions of their own can be a risk. If you install this update it does not allow you to open older documents that might… Continue reading

Nokia 6086

Nerdrobin left a comment regarding problems in syncing my Samsung t409 handset… I saw that you mentioned issues with syncing with Outlook and that you also switched to the Nokia 6086. I have the same phone and have found a way to sync it directly… Continue reading