Monthly Archives: February 2008

Google Docs Forms

All of the news about Google this week has been Google Sites and Google Health. A new feature added to Google Docs has me excited. They now have an option to have a spreadsheet filled via an online form. If you need to conduct a… Continue reading

Jerk Stopper

The reality of this device is not quite as nice as you might image from the title, but the Jerk Stopper could save you a lot of money and trouble. The Jerk Stopper is a simple solution for a problem that should not even exist.… Continue reading

Follow Up to Notebook Maintenance

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article about extra maintenance for notebook computers. Someone dropped me a line and pointed out the importance of using a surge protector with your notebook computer. I think that because they are battery powered, we forget about… Continue reading

Road Warriors Celebrate

There could be soon even more reasons for road warriors to celebrate. Road warriors in white collar jobs have been liberated by notebook computers, cell phones, GPS, and mobile Internet access. Many of these tools do not translate well for blue collar service workers. Blue… Continue reading