Monthly Archives: June 2008

Low-Cost Internet Content Filtering

If you manage a small network at the office or even your home you want to protect employee’s productivity and your child’s nativity. There are many solutions that you can purchase from centralized appliances to software that installed on individual computers. OpenDNS offers a free,… Continue reading

Portableapps – A Computer On Your Thumb Drive

I recently took the opportunity to try out Portableapps. The premise of this collection of open source software is that you can use your software and store data on a thumb drive without leaving any personal information on the borrowed desktop computer. Each piece of… Continue reading

Zoho Update

I promised earlier this month to begin using Zoho products and doing a write-up. At times I feel a little guilty about looking at a product or service quickly, and sometimes just missing the point or some great features. I am taking my time in… Continue reading