Monthly Archives: July 2008

Car Charger Eliminator

As cell phones have included more utility including web surfing and email reading it is becoming more difficult for the ever-shrinking batteries to keep pace. That is why we are always forced to purchase yet another car charger when we upgrade to a new handset.… Continue reading

Free Tech Support from Microsoft

Microsoft is growing concerned about the reception that Vista is getting with businesses. Needless to say, businesses are not jumping onto the Vista band wagon. Matter of fact, I do not personally know any business with more than one employee which has begun implementing Vista.… Continue reading

10,000 Laptops Lost Every Week

That’s right. I wrote 10,000 laptops every week. Engadget has a story about the recent study. That is a lot of data. All I can see is really strong passwords and whole disk encryption.

Jungledisk Upgrade and Additional Services

We have reviewed the first version of the Jungledisk online backup solution. I was impressed with initial implementation of this online backup solution, and I like the additional services introduced by Jungledisk. Jungledisk Plus. This addition to Jungledisk allows you to resume the backup of… Continue reading