Monthly Archives: August 2008

Comment on Bucket Explorer

In response to my post about Bucket Explorer, an anonymous reader left this comment… offer a front end rich Web Interface to Amazon S3 also, as well as Iphone, Mobile, Google and Facebook access – been using it for 3 months now since it… Continue reading

Hearing Voices

I got the call this past weekend from a computer user that she was hearing voices in addition to a notice from her anti-virus software about malware on her computer. I could tell in the message that she was intrepid about relaying the information about… Continue reading

Bucket Explorer

We have referred to Amazon’s S3 storage infrastructure in past reviews of Jungledisk. If you are searching for a more direct method of using Amazon S3 for file storage and retrieval then you should try Bucket Explorer. Bucket Explorer is exactly what the name implies.… Continue reading