Monthly Archives: September 2008


I finally had a short amount of time to look at SMEStorage. It appears that you pay a flat fee to SMEStorage and they in turn use Amazon S3 for storage much like other sites. The difference here is that you only pay SMEStorage. At… Continue reading

Easy File Sharing

So you have just finished a PowerPoint presentation for a colleague on the other side of the world. He needs it now, and he could use the new product video demonstration. Overnight shipping is out of the question and the files are too large for… Continue reading

Google Enters the Browser Wars

Some may remember the Internet browser wars from the 90’s between Netscape and Microsoft. Google fired a shot in the battle this afternoon with the release of Google Chrome. It is Google attempt to build a better browser. Google indicates that it each tab with… Continue reading

Interview with Zoho’s Raju Vegesna

As I have posted before, I am becoming more of a fan of Zoho and their suite of business applications. Robert Scoble of Fast Company has an in-depth interview with Raju Vegesna who is referred to as a Zoho Evangelist. Robert Scoble, a former Microsoft… Continue reading