Monthly Archives: December 2008

Where Did You Go QuickBooks

Everyone is trying to wrap up their books as we close another year. All of a sudden your Quickbooks company file is unavailable. This is not good. It seems to be a common problem with Quickbooks in a shared environment. The fix is simple, but… Continue reading

OpenDNS Problem

I am impressed with the OpenDNS service, and I use it where ever possible. I have ran into a small problem in using OpenDNS. When using it with heavy traffic applications such as Microsoft Exchange or a Microsoft SQL database you can run into connection… Continue reading

Computer On – Now

As you are shopping for computers either as gifts for family or to burn through the rest of your year-end IT budget you might be running into SplashTop. SplashTop is a trade name for an small, instant-boot operating system that can be found on many… Continue reading