Monthly Archives: June 2009

Rumor Has It…Google Voice Going Live, Today

The rumor is that Google Voice, Google’s voicemail service, will go live in the United States, today. At this time they are still only accepting requests for invitations. I have used the service that they purchased from GrandCentral for more than a year. If you… Continue reading

Safe and Secure Computing

People frequently complain that their computer is slow or it is infected. Nothing is %100, but there are steps that you can take that will prevent problems for you or your computer users. AntiVirus software. Whether you pay for it or download it for free,… Continue reading

Google Targets Exchange

It is not a secret that Google has sights set on Microsoft’s enterprise jaugernaut – Exchange. Google Apps has begun a reseller program that has a lot of sales and promotional materials for sellers. Google’s sync with nearly any smartphone strategy is working well. One… Continue reading