Monthly Archives: October 2009

Google’s Biggest Break in Enterprise, Yet

Google Apps is going to the spotlight as the Los Angeles, CA city commission has decided to move their email system to the cloud-based collaboration software. Microsoft and Google were battling to provide services to the 30,000 city employees. You can read more. I have… Continue reading

Windows 7 Day

Today October 22, 2009 is being called Windows 7 day as Microsoft releases their latest version of their venerable operating system to the public. The tech and to some extent mainstream press have covered the subject to death, so I will offer just a couple… Continue reading

Google Picasa 3.5

Google has released version 3.5 of their image editing software Picasa. For many years I have been a frequent user of Adobe Photoshop, but as Picasa develops more tools I find it filling my needs. Essentially when processing family photo’s and such I just need… Continue reading