Monthly Archives: December 2009

Backup Your Life With Backupify

Many of us are now depending on online services to store images, documents, thoughts, and memories. A service has surfaced called Backupify that backs up all of this data. Backupify is an online service that backs up data on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and… Continue reading

LCD Screen Cleaning Tips

Spruce Up Cleaning has a good article with tips on cleaning LCD screens.

Comment on Google Picasa 3.5 Article

A reader asked via the comment system if he could post my comments in the Google Picasa 3.5 article. The reader did not leave any contact information so – yes, you can. They also requested by Twitter –

When You Just Have To Send A Letter

During this time year we all tend to reach out to family. We all have those family members that are not connected via email, Facebook, or other means. Sometimes you just need to send an old time letter. I had just such as occasion with… Continue reading