Monthly Archives: March 2014

Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft has released Office for Apple iPad devices. Unlike Apple apps such as Pages and Keynote, Microsoft does charge for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for the iPad. The goods is that if you already have a subscription to Office 365 whether home or business versions… Continue reading

Important Announcement Regarding Microsoft Office

There is currently an attack publicly know that can be initiated by Microsoft Office. Word and Outlook are the most susceptible pieces of software. Virus creators can form a rich text format document that can be opened via email and downloaded from web sites including… Continue reading

Android Desktop?

Yes. There is such a device as an Android desktop. It does run the same operating system found on Galaxy smartphones and Tab and Google Nexus browsers. The question now is what do you do with it? For the home user that only surfs the… Continue reading

Sales Meeting Preparation

Do your salespeople sit down many days or weeks before a client presentation to prepare? Most likely that is not the case. According to a recent study by Brainshark indicates that salespeople wait until the prior day or even day of a presentation to prepare.… Continue reading

iOS 7.1 Released for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Apple has released an update to their operating system for mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This is being haled as version 7.1. It is in an intermediate update with some nice refinements. CarPlay is included in this update. This feature announced… Continue reading

Beware Netflix Scam

We have personally witnessed a number of clients receiving calls from scam organizations claiming to be Microsoft desktop help in regards to user’s computers being infected. Typically the computer user gets an unsolicited call indicating that Microsoft has detected virus activity on the user’s computer.… Continue reading