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Telecommuting – The Misconceptions and How It Can Help Your Business

Lotus Management Services’ next webinar in their Business Technology Series will be revealing how to manage and equip remote workers. We will also be covering… Why Remote Workers Managing Remote Workers Communication Remote Data Access Collaboration Much more… Register today

Lotus Loves Referrals

We are looking for referrals to business owners who have 5 or more computers. Also any business that is moving or expanding. Anyone you refer will receive a free analysis of their IT network; something normally charge $250 for. And to show my appreciation for… Continue reading

Monitoring and Blocking Inappropriate Internet Access

Monitoring and blocking inappropriate Internet access is on the mind of business owners and managers. Some suspect that the lack of monitoring and blocking could be hurting productivity or worse it could be opening them to a lawsuit. The damage to your business could be… Continue reading

End of Support For Windows XP

It is hard to believe that Windows XP was released to the general public in October 2001. Even though general public availability ended in 2008 the operating system was available on certain devices until October 2011. That is a good 10-year run for a personal… Continue reading

Cupcake ATM

When Luther George Simjian invented the Automated Teller Machine or ATM in 1960 I bet he never saw this coming. New York City has gotten the world’s first Cupcake ATM. Sprinkles Cupcakes has installed the 24-hour machine outside their Upper East Side bakery. The Cupcake… Continue reading

Recovering Lost Tech Gadgets

Thieves prey on devices. Go to any office or coffee shop and you will see why it is so easy for thieves. Peruse eBay you will find out why it is so lucrative. Of course to most us it is more than just a device.… Continue reading

Touchpad For Your Computer

A computer mouse was probably the greatest human to machine interface ever invented. Sometimes though it is just not the right tool. Maybe your working on a task that requires more input such as a touchpad or you need more distance from your computer to… Continue reading