Monthly Archives: January 2017

Telephone Professional Services

If your company is considering moving to a Voice Over IP service to replace a legacy PBX and analog telephone lines, consider RingCentral Professional Services. Lotus personnel are RingCentral Certified Communications Experts. Services include planning, designing and implementation including project management, ongoing support, and consulting.… Continue reading

Quick Mac Hacks

Here are a few hacks for Mac users. Screenshots There are actually three different ways you can take a screenshot on a Mac. Each method has their advantages. Press and hold at the same time Command + Shift + 4. A crosshair will popup that… Continue reading

Lotus Management Services makes it easy to find answers to your tech issues

You can call us to reach a friendly dispatcher who will open a ticket for you and locate the right person to help you You can quickly open a ticket at You can also now chat via your mobile device, desktop, or notebook computer.… Continue reading

Safe IT on the road

There are always a lot of things to remember when it comes to business travel. You need to remember to check into your flight, remember the conference schedule, find lodging, and get your IT gadgets ready for travel. Only bring the necessities Reduce the amount… Continue reading

5 Awesome Windows Tricks You Never Knew Existed

Windows Shake and Shrink It can get overwhelming having many windows open and just need to focus on one window. A quick fix is to click on and hold the title bar of a program and just shake your mouse. All other windows will minimize… Continue reading

Faster Critical Maintenance

During your down time Lotus’ support staff works hard to perform maintenance on your computer and servers. We used to be able to count on many hours a week of down time, but times are changing. As you know you are working longer hours and… Continue reading