Monthly Archives: April 2017

Management by Walking Around

Everyday can seem like a grind if you’re a manager. Your dealing with conflicts and issues in your office with an endless stream of appointments, visitors, and tasks. Occasionally it is good to get out of your office to manage by walking around. If you… Continue reading

Can an iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop?

You have no doubt seen the ads from Apple the last few weeks proposing that you can give up your notebook computer for an iPad Pro. There are some obvious advantages right out of the box. A tablet is thinner, lighter, and generally has a… Continue reading

Tech Support via Chat or Facebook Messenger

Sometimes you don’t have time to make a call or tech support. You get help via chat or Facebook Messenger. Just visit and look for the Live Support icon in the lower-right-hand area of the screen. If your logged into Facebook you can also… Continue reading

Five Work Habits That Could Be Causing You Trouble

Many of us show up every morning ready to work. We keep our nose down and do our job to the best of our ability. As the old saying goes though; the devil is in the details. Here are five things you could doing at… Continue reading