Monthly Archives: June 2017

Lotus Secure Mail

You have a lot of choices for hosting your email in the cloud from Microsoft to Google. We have found that a few features are important to users… Aggressive SPAM and anti-virus filtering to protect against phishing attacks and ransomware such as WannaCry. Responsive support… Continue reading

3 New Windows 10 Features

The Start Menu For you Windows 7 users, rest easy, because this is here to stay. For the Windows 8 users, the start menu is back with its full functionality – and then some. The aesthetics of the new start menu combine the basics of… Continue reading

3 Microsoft Office Hacks

Edit PDFs Your PDF files open by default in Adobe. But, what if you want to edit them? You cannot do that within Adobe Reader, and the Adobe software that does let you make changes to PDFs is not cheap. Microsoft Word to the rescue! Launch Microsoft Word. Attempt to open a document… Continue reading

Convertible Notebook Computers

Cars with convertible roofs have surged and waned in popularity over the years. There have been a variety of soft top and hard top varieties. Some have impacted the market and others fizzled. Convertible notebook computers have suffered the same fate. They haven’t caught on… Continue reading