Tech Support Via Chat

You reach us via online chat if you don’t have time to wait or your unable to make a phone call.

Just log into on a computer or mobile device and look for the Live Support button at the bottom of the screen. Managed service clients can just right-click on the LMS logo in the task bar and choose the chat option.

Lotus Education Seminar Series

Lotus personnel are available to speak to your business or community group at no charge. We bring a fun educational experience with contests and prizes.

We are currently featuring “IT for Busy Entrepreneurs”. Your attendees can learn how to make your new business look established and show off your professionalism, how to protect your data, and manage IT costs.

Contact Maria at 407-982-5342 ext 101 or to book your next gathering.

Extending Notebook Computer Battery Life

Keep it Cool
The harder your fan works the faster your battery will deplete. Be sure to keep the vents on your notebook clear of dust and dirt. Modern computers generate a lot of heat and use a lot of battery capacity to keep them cool. Try not to set up notebook on a mattress or couch cushion which limits airflow. If the fan is running fast all the time be sure to consult your IT support specialist to locate software that can be causing the computer to overwork.

Lower the Screen Brightness
Lowering the screen brightness can greatly increase the charged life of your battery. Most notebook computers have shortcut keys to change the screen brightness. If it does not have shortcut keys then go the Start Menu and type power. Choose the Power Options and locate the screen brightness slider along the bottom of the window.

Hibernate and Sleep
While you are in the power settings menu you can also adjust the power settings. Most notebook computers include an optimize battery life plan. Choosing that plan adjusts many settings which can extend your battery life. If you want to dig into the details you can click “Change Plan Settings” and adjust the time to dim the display, sleep time, and hibernate time to increase battery life.

Unplug when Charged
Most notebook batteries will give you 300 to 500 full discharge cycles in their life. Be sure to exercise the battery occasionally. A notebook computer kept fully charged all the time will tend to have a short battery life.

Faster, Better Support

Our goal is to provide faster, better support of you, your employees, and your technology.

Every newsletter will feature a graphic such as the one below showing our average hold time the last 30 days. We strive to keep your hold time short. We know you need to get back to work as soon as possible.

It is not a coincidence that chat wait time is half telephone wait time. You can reach out to our support staff directly via chat. Just visit and look for the Live Support icon in the lower portion of the screen. Our chat support works from any web enabled device including your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Average Hold Time

4 Basics of Email Security

4 Basics of Email Security

Email is still the default form of communication for businesses. Email has come a long way but there are still plenty of security issues around email.

  1. Spam filtering

Filtering out spam not only saves your employees the time they would spend slogging through Viagra ads, but it also increases your email security. It either automatically dumps these emails to your junk folder or keeps them out of your network entirely.

  1. Attachment Scanning

Most email security calamities come in via email attachments. Users unwittingly download ransomware, viruses, or spyware via cleverly named attachments. The two most popular attachments we are seeing are invoices and resumes. Attachment scanning uses advanced techniques to detect if the attachment contains malicious code. Most systems will then alert the user and remove the attachment.

  1. Email Encryption

To prevent your email from being intercepted and/or read by anyone other than the intended recipients, email encryption is a must.

Email encryption essential scrambles your email into unreadable gibberish unless your recipient has access to the private key.

  1. User Knowledge

Even with all of these tools, user education is still the most important security factor. One common approach we see is what is called spear-fishing. A criminal sends a particular email that looks like it is coming from a boss or CEO which contains malicious code. A well-educated user is the last line of defense in email security.

Telephone Professional Services

If your company is considering moving to a Voice Over IP service to replace a legacy PBX and analog telephone lines, consider RingCentral Professional Services. Lotus personnel are RingCentral Certified Communications Experts.

Services include planning, designing and implementation including project management, ongoing support, and consulting.

Onboarding and implementation highlights:

  • Pre-deployment consultations to understand your unique environment.
  • Network readiness assessment to identify your implementation requirements.
  • Personalized implementation and deployment plans designed specifically for your business needs.
  • Hands-on training for administrators and users to ensure smooth onboarding.

Contact us today for a free professional telephone assessment. Call 407-982-5342 extension 101 or email

Quick Mac Hacks

Here are a few hacks for Mac users.


There are actually three different ways you can take a screenshot on a Mac. Each method has their advantages.

  • Press and hold at the same time Command + Shift + 4. A crosshair will popup that you can maneuver around the screen to capture exactly what need.
  • Press and hold at the same time Command + Shift + 4 then Spacebar. You can now click on any window and copy the entire window including the shadow.
  • Press and hold at the same time Command + Shift + 3. You will get a screenshot of your entire screen. A separate file will be stored for each display you have connected to your Mac.
  • Hide or Move the Dock

If you want to hide the Dock just press and hold Command + Option + D. Press the same key sequence to bring it back. If you want to move your Dock to a different monitor just move your mouse to a different monitor and press the cursor to the bottom center of the screen. The Dock will jump over and make the new display its new home.

Quick Calculator in Spotlight

If you need to make a quick calculation just press Command + Spacebar. Enter your math problem. After you have your answer just ESC to return to your work.

Quickly Delete Files

After you select a file press the Command + Delete keys. Your file will instantly be dispatched to the trash. If you want to empty the trash press Command + Shift + Delete. After you confirm all your trash files will be gone.

Lotus Management Services makes it easy to find answers to your tech issues

  • You can call us to reach a friendly dispatcher who will open a ticket for you and locate the right person to help you
  • You can quickly open a ticket at
  • You can also now chat via your mobile device, desktop, or notebook computer. Just visit and look for the chat window in the lower right hand area of the screen. It allows you to connect directly to a support person without spending time on the phone.

Safe IT on the road

There are always a lot of things to remember when it comes to business travel. You need to remember to check into your flight, remember the conference schedule, find lodging, and get your IT gadgets ready for travel.

Only bring the necessities

Reduce the amount of information you store on devices before you depart. It is important to remove personal information from your smartphone or notebook computer such as logins and passwords as well as credit card information, social security number, etc.

Be sure software is up to date

Confirm your computer is fully patched and your antivirus software is current. Also be sure to confirm that your smartphone and tablet have the latest operating system release available installed.

Protect data on your notebook computer

Encrypt the data on your mobile computer so it cannot be accessed in case it is lost or stolen during the trip. A survey commissioned by Dell estimates that business travelers lose 12,000 notebook computers in U.S. airports every week.

Secure your electronics

Be sure to use a strong password on your notebook computer to reduce unauthorized activity. Also be sure to have screen locking activated on your smartphone and tablet as well.

Only use trusted Wi-Fi networks

Try to only use wireless networks that require a password to join. Open wireless networks can allow other users to capture your data as you surf the Internet. The safest option is to invest in a cellular data device or utilize the hotspot on your smartphone or tablet.

Use a VPN

If your forced to use free Wi-Fi be sure to utilize a VPN. Contact your computer support person to ask them to setup a VPN for you before you depart on your trip.

Keep your device with you

Always try to keep your notebook computer, smartphone, and tablet with you at all times. This means not leaving your devices in the rental car or hotel room. A good comfortable bag will make it easier to always keep your devices by your side.

Between TSA security checkpoints and overbooked, cramped airliners travel can be a pain. Keep your data and devices safe to keep it from being a crisis.

5 Awesome Windows Tricks You Never Knew Existed

Windows Shake and Shrink

It can get overwhelming having many windows open and just need to focus on one window. A quick fix is to click on and hold the title bar of a program and just shake your mouse. All other windows will minimize and you be left with your original program in focus.

Problem Steps Recorder

Many of the most experienced Windows users do not know about this feature. Go to the Start Menu and enter psr in the search bar and press Enter. A small program opens. You can then press record and each of your clicks will be recorded. You can add comments to each screenshot as you record. The result is a zip file that contains an HTML document that you can email to someone. It is great for showing someone step-by-step how to perform a task. It is also great for recreating a problem to send to your tech support specialist.


Don’t underestimate the humble calculator in Microsoft Windows. It does so much more than a basic calculator. On the calculator menu click on View. You can choose a basic calculator as well as scientific, statistics, and programmer. The more advanced features are found by hovering over worksheets. You can find tools to estimate your mortgage payments, car lease, or even the number of days between two dates.

Pin to Taskbar

If you frequently use a program, you can pin it to the taskbar. Open the program then right click on the logo on the taskbar and click “Pin to Taskbar”. You can also do the same thing from the Start Menu. Going forward your program will be available on the task bar. Just click it to open it.

Windows Key + T

Hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press the T key. You will then scroll through the icons on your taskbar. Once you get to the program you would like to open just press the Enter key.