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LotusShare Update Version 2.3.4

We are continually improving LotusShare Business Class File Sharing. Request a free 30-day trial today with included free setup, support, and training. The updates this month include… LotusShare is compatible with Windows 10, the latest version of Windows from Microsoft We have updates to the… Continue reading

LotusShare Version 2.2.3 Release

We are excited to announce that our LotusShare business-class file sharing users are now sharing over 700,000 files. We hope to be at one million shared files soon. In version 2.2.3 we have added some exciting features including… iOS version:3.6 Android version: 2.4.5 Added file… Continue reading

LotusShare Version 2.2.1 Release

LotusShare Version 2.2.1 has been released this month. We have correct some issues and increased the speed of data transfer between devices. This update has been automatically applied to your desktop and mobile device software. Fixes and improvements include… Optimized transfer buffer sizes which increases… Continue reading

Sales Meeting Preparation

Do your salespeople sit down many days or weeks before a client presentation to prepare? Most likely that is not the case. According to a recent study by Brainshark indicates that salespeople wait until the prior day or even day of a presentation to prepare.… Continue reading

LotusShare Self Service Signup

LotusShare now features self service signup directly from our web site. Just visit and follow the link for the free trial. You can choose from three different plans depending on your number of users. Guided signup is also available via telephone at 407-982-5342 extension… Continue reading

LotusShare Update – Alerts

We now have the ability to setup alerts for LotusShare to send you emails when certain actions take place. These action can range from new users in your organization to reaching 80% of your space quota. Contact our support center to setup your alerts.

LotusShare iPad Update

If you have not enabled automatic updates of apps on your iPad be sure to upgrade to the latest version of LotusShare. In iOS 7 on the iPad we have corrected an issue that prevented Open With… from operating correctly.

LotusShare v1.7.2.413 – Release

LotusShare version was released this week. Your desktop agents will apply the update automatically. There is nothing to do on your part. Sync Fixed issue where deleted folders would reappear due to the presence of hidden system and temp files. Now, these folders are… Continue reading