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RingCentral Heads Up Display

RingCentral has recently began releasing version 7.2 of the RingCentral Desktop App. The heads up display feature allows you to quickly see who is on the phone and who is available in the office. To activate the HUD just access the settings in the RingCentral… Continue reading

RingCentral June Updates

RingCentral has very exciting updates for this month… RingCentral Desktop Heads Up Display (HUD) RingCentral is making life easier for receptionists with the ability to track the availability of up to 100 users in an easy on-screen format. Many receptionists or those that handle a… Continue reading

1000 Free Phones

If you have been waiting to implement VoIP telephone service from Lotus now is the time to jump. RingCentral is offering 1000 free phones. This offer is open to new RingCentral Office customer on a 2-year contract. You will receive as many phones as you need… Continue reading

Introducing RingCentral for Google and More

RingCentral, the cloud-based telephone system, has just released RingCentral for Google. You will be able to initiate calls from Gmail or Google Calendar. This connection also allows you to extend Google Hangouts beyond just Google users. Make and receive calls and texts without leaving Gmail… Continue reading