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Lotus WannaCrypt Ransomware Worm Statement

Lotus personnel have been closely monitoring the WannaCrypt ransomware worm since Friday. Once it was understood that the worm was taking advantage of Windows systems via a flaw in Server Message Block we reviewed the patch status of systems we manage for this specific patch.… Continue reading

DocuSign Virus

We have an alert especially for our Real Estate and Mortgage professionals. There is a virus that mimics an email from DocuSign. If it is opened in Outlook it perform several steps… 1. It harvests all of your contact email addresses 2. The fake DocuSign… Continue reading

Microsoft Office 2016 Released

On September 22nd Microsoft released Office 2016. New features include the ability to collaborate on documents in Word and Excel in real time. It will also include features to leverage social media. Microsoft is promising a few more surprises as well. If you are subscribing… Continue reading

The Perfect Printer Solution for Your Office

Many companies choose large, floor-model printer/copiers for the advanced features and capabilities. The truth is many users seldom utilize the myriad of finishing options. They do use features such as advanced scanning, duplex printing, and high speed color printing. Brother International has created the MFC-L9550CDW… Continue reading

New Features in Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is unique in that it is still a copy of Microsoft Office installed on your workstation, but it is also being incrementally improved with new features in the background. Microsoft doesn’t make you wait for a new release every few years. Check… Continue reading

Outlook for Mobile

There have long been Microsoft Outlook apps for mobile devices. They have always been hokey, glorified web-apps. That has changed with the release of the official Outlook app from Microsoft. I should say the acquisition of an official app. We will get into that more… Continue reading

Small Business Security Under Attack: 3 minute video

The massive data breaches at companies like Sony and Home Depot grab headlines, but small businesses are being hit hard by cybercrime. Why, because their network security is often nonexistent. This clip from WSOC TV Channel 9 News features a small business owner who was… Continue reading

The Start Menu is Back – Windows 10

Lotus personnel began testing Windows 10 several weeks ago. Don’t ask us what happened to Windows 9 – it is a mystery to us as well. The most startling “new” feature is a return of the familar Start menu. This time though the start menu… Continue reading

AccessEnforcer Update: New HTTPS filter and more in version 3.1.16

Many Internet firewall managers are facing a quandary when it comes to filtering Internet content for users. As more and more web sites use secure connections it is becoming a question how to filter these connections. If a web site is using a secure connection… Continue reading

Lenovo Tiny Computers, More Than Small

I have always thought that the all-in-one computer was a great concept. You can a large format screen with none of the wires and the additional box on your desk. But there is a big drawback I have never been able to get past. All… Continue reading