DLink_cameraBusiness security is forefront on the mind of business owners and managers today. Video surveillance can allow you to create a visual historical record as well as watch your business in real time.

Lotus Management Services offers a complete line of IP-based camera systems and Network Video Recorders. We can provide professional system design with our exclusive software which allows you to visualize coverage of your business. Professional installation, setup, and training is included with your system.

Asset Protection
Loss prevention is critical to maintain business profitability. High resolution camera systems can keep an eye on important assets such as your cash register, safe, and inventory. Recorded video can also be crucial to protect your business against liability in situations such as slip-and-fall cases.
Deter Vandalism
Weatherproof, night-vision cameras can watch the outside of your business to deter vandalism and property damage. Our water and dust proof camera systems can even detect and alert you to attempt to tamper or disturb the cameras. Software and specially equipped cameras can foot and/or automotive traffic as well as record license plate information.
Remote Real-Time Surveillance
You can watch your business via a notebook computer or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Know what is happening at your business day or night.

IP-Based Surveillance versus Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Traditional analog CCTV compared to modern IP-based camera systems is a lot like comparing traditional TV to HDTV. The new IP-based camera systems used high-definition sensors which allow for more details and better color resolution in lower light. You can also digitally mask sensitive areas as well as watch for motion in specific areas.

Modern IP-based camera systems use much lower cost CAT5 or CAT6 wiring that is likely already ran throughout your business versus more expensive coax cable. Electrical power is also transmitted to the camera via the same data cables.

IP-based imaging systems store video and audio data on servers and hard drives versus analog videotape. This allows for more rapid event viewing and video footage sharing with officials, etc.

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