Business Continuity

Disasters severely impact businesses everyday. It is not always the large headline grabbing natural disasters that can hurt your business. Something as seemingly as innocuous as a hard drive failure could cost your business tens of thousands of dollars in downtime. Our systems can not only backup your data onsite and offsite, but also provide backup systems that can be placed into service in just minutes.

How would an outage cost your company? We have an easy calculator to quickly figure out what a data outage would cost your company.

Safety in Numbers

It is no longer acceptable to have just one backup on site anymore. Your data is too valuable and reducancy is too inexpensive to not have both local and cloud-based backups. These backups should be synchronized at least daily while also not hindering employee productivity due to slow Internet access speeds. It should also not be necessary for everyone to “log off because we need to backup”.

Local Backup

It is important to not rely on only a cloud backup. A local copy is important it is case it is necessary to restore a large amount of data due to a substantial loss or corruption of information. Your business could experience lengthy downtime while you wait for the data to download from the cloud.

On Demand Fail Over

Lotus Intelligent Business Continuity is much more than just backup. This is a backup server ready to replace a failed server instantly on-site or in the cloud if necessary.

Screenshot Verification

Everyday we mount a virtual version of each of your servers and start it up. We then take a screenshot of the successful start and save it for proof of a valid backup.

Traditional Data Backup Can’t Keep Up

Traditional Backup Intelligent Business Continuity
Recovery can take days or weeks following a disaster Recovery is reduced to minutes and seconds
High risk for human error Full automation backup process
Difficult to test if backup is working properly Screenshot backup verification; easy to test backup
Expensive and timely to make multiple backups Each backup is saved in local appliance and bi-coastal data centers
Backup speeds are slower Backup speeds are fast; Critical data can be prioritized
Physical to virtual conversions can be time consuming and have a high failure rate Incremental backups can be instantly virtualized rather than the entire backup chain
No redundant backup in multiple locations Automatic redundant backup – allowing your business to run off the secure cloud in event of a disaster
Limited options for encryption; data may not pass industry regulations AES 256 and SSL-based encryption ensures data is safe and meets industry regulations
When recovering data tape failure rate exceeds 50% Minimal risk of corrupted backups or data loss
Potential for theft Off-site backups stored in SSAE 16 data centers

Contact Us for a Data Recovery Analysis

Request a free audit and test of your data backup and business continuity solution. This free, no-obligation review, test, and analysis will provide you with a complete report including anticipated recovery point objective and recovery time objective. Find out potentially how much data could be lost and how long it would take to get your business running again.
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