Along with other business systems networking IT systems is changing rapidly.

  • d-link_switchSpeeds are becoming faster at lower price points
  • More and more data is being sent over the network including images from IP-based camera systems and telephone calls
  • Prioritization is becoming paramount to move the right data immediately
  • Wireless has become business-critical versus just an afterthought or convenience

Lotus Management Services can provide network implementation from design through build into final testing. We design advanced networks that can handle the demands of a modern business.

  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks to prioritize and secure data across your systems
  • Floorplan-based design of wireless systems that take building materials into consideration for optimum coverage
  • Network implementation that can grow with your business

Network Design and Troubleshooting

Contact Lotus Management Services for your next network project or troubleshoot or improve your current network.
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