Monthly Archives: June 2007

You Are Step Closer To Not Using MS Office

Google has announced that they are purchasing Zenter. What does it mean to you? You are that much closer to using an equivalent to the Microsoft Office suite as an online service. Zenter offers an online service that allows its users to create PowerPoint like… Continue reading

The Danger of BIOS/ROM Updates

It is funny that I spent last evening setting up a new Dell with Windows Vista pre-installed. Ed Bott of ZDNet has been doing the same thing this week. I skipped the BIOS update. He did not as you can read in his blog. I… Continue reading

Continued Changes to Yahoo Panama Sponsored Search

Occasionally, I will submit stories about web design, search engine optimization, and sponsored search because I feel that it critical in small business technology. I received notice this morning that Yahoo is going to cut costs for clicks from lesser known web sites. In other… Continue reading