Monthly Archives: November 2007

A, B, G, and N In Your Wireless

If you have ever shopped for a wireless router then you may have noticed that there are different types of wireless protocols beyond just the manufacturers. We will run down the differences and help you make the right choice. 801.11 is the common thread among… Continue reading

The Google PC

It has long been rumored that Google has wanted to get into the personal computer operating system business. Based on Google’s recent moves I doubt they want to go that far but instead have chosen to provide application support to those that want to build… Continue reading

The Asus eee Ultra Portable Notebook Has Arrived

Since the announcement in June, 2007 have been anxiously awaiting arrival of the ultra portable notebook computer from Asus. I have been fortunate enough to purchase and review an Asus eee 4 Gigabyte model for someone who will be using the computer on an upcoming… Continue reading

All Hail GTD

I am a huge GTD (Getting Things Done) fan. I first read the book when I heard about it in a Lascivious Biddies interview a few years ago. I do not feel that I have ever truly engaged the GTD way of doing things entirely,… Continue reading

Web Site Password Management

Web site password management is more critical than ever. We are storing and accessing more of our information online and theives are getting evermore creative in how to steal that information. It is critical to have a good password management system for all of your… Continue reading