Monthly Archives: December 2007

Hurting Continues for Vonage

We have followed the travails of Vonage who seems to be sued by every other communications provider. Initial Suit…Vonage Response According to Reuters, it appears that Vonage has lost a case with AT&T. Read More….

The Move To A Digital World

As we continue our march towards an all-digital world, we are going to have to make changes as old analog systems go away. As companies have perfected digital communications systems, they are eager to phase out the older analog systems. The reasons for the desire… Continue reading

Small Computers Are The “In” Thing

It can be said that Apple started this small-computer trend with the MAC-mini, but others are picking up the ball and running with it. In addition to the very small ASUS eee notebook computer there are other companies entering the fray with small desktop computers… Continue reading