Monthly Archives: April 2008

Jungledisk Now More Affordable

Amazon has announced that they are lowering prices for data transfer to their servers. Amazon is the service that stores backup data in the background if you use Jungledisk. You can see more information about the price decrease at the Amazon Web Services web site.

Windows Vista – As The OS Turns

I attempt to be a guiding light on technology that affects your small business. As you can see by two references to soap operas – I do not know where this Windows saga will lead. There are many differing opinions and news stories about the… Continue reading

Phone It In

In our last post we covered organizational tools available on the web. I mentioned the Jott service. Jott is a free service that allows you to perform various tasks using your voice and your telephone. I think of Jott as a high-tech variation on calling… Continue reading

Getting Organized

For years I have searched for the ultimate system to become more organized. Of course it all started on paper in the early 90’s using the various brands of planners. In 1992 I moved to a Casio electronic organizer. What a nightmare. These little devices… Continue reading

Cemaphore – Using Outlook with Google Apps

Many have fallen in love with Google Apps including Gmail and Google Calendar, but there are those that still have gotten used to the Outlook interface and folder work flow. Good news for Outlook lovers. A start up called Cemaphore is developing an plug in… Continue reading