Monthly Archives: May 2008

Zoho Portfolio Continue to Grow

I have embraced cloud computing fully. I manage most of documents online using Google Docs and all of my finances are managed online using a couple of services. Google has been making the most noise in the cloud-computing space with their suite including word processor,… Continue reading

Bug In Microsoft Home Server

We have covered home servers in this space, because they can be a low-cost alternative for small businesses versus a more expensive full-scale server. There appears to be a problem with a bug in Microsoft Home Server that can corrupt data. Microsoft apparently is aware… Continue reading

Lightening Season Is Coming

For my fellow Floridians lightening season is just around the corner. Many others across the United States are already experiencing springtime lightening storms. Last year about this time I posted an article and I felt it time to link to it. One thing that I… Continue reading

Home Server With Ubuntu

We have setup a small home file server using Ubuntu. I used an old defunct desktop computer and installed Ubuntu 7.04 alternate. The server is quick to start and easy to shutdown with just one push of the power button. Most of the setup has… Continue reading