Monthly Archives: July 2009

Firefox Extensions

I like the Firefox browser from Mozilla. It is fairly fast but still feature rich, but my favorite trick is the extensions. I thought that I would make a list of my must-have extensions. Must-Have: They must be installed on a computer that I use… Continue reading

July 2009 Microsoft Security Patches

Microsoft has released their list of security patches for July 2009. Fortunately the list is far smaller than June’s record-setting list. Windows 2000 and Windows XP are the most affected with three critical problems. Two of those are subject to exploits that are in the… Continue reading

Synergy – Not Just An Overused Buzzword

We have all read or heard company announcements about how a particular merger is going to create synergy between the companies. A fancy way of saying that we can let a lot of people go, and maybe continue to offer some modicum of customer service.… Continue reading

Drag and Drop in Gmail

I noticed this evening that Google has added drag and drop to Gmail. You can grab a small handle at the far left portion of message listing and drag it onto a label. You can also accomplish the same by dragging the label onto a… Continue reading