Lotus Secure Mail

You have a lot of choices for hosting your email in the cloud from Microsoft to Google. We have found that a few features are important to users…

  • Aggressive SPAM and anti-virus filtering to protect against phishing attacks and ransomware such as WannaCry.
  • Responsive support and management with the ability to customize features such as SPAM filtering, distribution lists, etc.
  • Always on reliability
  • Available from any device or client including web, Outlook, iOS, and Android
  • Single-Sign-On with Active Directory integration

After a lot of research into the best solutions available we have introduced LotusSecureMail.

We utilize the powerful SpamTitan filtering system with double antivirus protection. SpamTitan blocks 99.99% of spam, viruses, malware, and other email threats.

Since Lotus owns the servers we have complete management of LotusSecureMail. Our servers run CentOS Linux running Kerio Connect email server. We have complete access to setup your email experience so that it is perfectly suited to your business. You can also manage your own email server on our systems as well.

You need access to your email anywhere anytime. LotusSecureMail servers are housed in our Virginia datacenter operated by one of the nation’s largest co-location experts. We have multiple Internet connections to provide resiliency and a constant rSoft data backup. Uptime for LotusSecureMail is 99.99861%. The Lotus NOC monitors LotusSecureMail around the clock.

Even though we have chosen Linux due to its reliability, we have licensed Microsoft ActiveSync to provide access to any client. LotusSecureMail works with Outlook with easy setup. We also support mail apps in iOS and Android environments. If you do not want to purchase Outlook we provide a client that is available for Windows and macOS at no charge. A web access client is also available.

Many services require you to maintain two identities with two passwords to access your business network and your cloud-based email service. LotusSecureMail is available with Active Directory synchronization with any current version of Windows Server. No need for multiple servers or only certain versions of Windows Server. Your cloud-based email synchronizes with your on-site Active Directory server.

Sign up for a no-risk 30-day trial today. Lotus takes care of all setup including migrating your current email, calendar, and contacts to our servers.

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