Quick Mac Hacks

Here are a few hacks for Mac users.


There are actually three different ways you can take a screenshot on a Mac. Each method has their advantages.

  • Press and hold at the same time Command + Shift + 4. A crosshair will popup that you can maneuver around the screen to capture exactly what need.
  • Press and hold at the same time Command + Shift + 4 then Spacebar. You can now click on any window and copy the entire window including the shadow.
  • Press and hold at the same time Command + Shift + 3. You will get a screenshot of your entire screen. A separate file will be stored for each display you have connected to your Mac.
  • Hide or Move the Dock

If you want to hide the Dock just press and hold Command + Option + D. Press the same key sequence to bring it back. If you want to move your Dock to a different monitor just move your mouse to a different monitor and press the cursor to the bottom center of the screen. The Dock will jump over and make the new display its new home.

Quick Calculator in Spotlight

If you need to make a quick calculation just press Command + Spacebar. Enter your math problem. After you have your answer just ESC to return to your work.

Quickly Delete Files

After you select a file press the Command + Delete keys. Your file will instantly be dispatched to the trash. If you want to empty the trash press Command + Shift + Delete. After you confirm all your trash files will be gone.

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